Programs & Rates
If you are new to CrossFit, these introductory classes teach you the basics about CrossFit, the fundamental movements including progressions, modifications and proper form, how the CrossFit program works at A3, and prepares you for the regular classes.  Taking Elements is mandatory if you’re new to CrossFit.   These classes are capped so you get the attention you deserve, so please call/email for available dates and to reserve your spot!  

After you complete our Elements program, you can join any class time we offer for adult CrossFit.  These classes combine Gymnastic movements, Olympic Weightlifting, Powerlifting, Plyometrics, Rowing/Running & many other vital athletic training exercises and principles to achieve the fastest possible results while decreasing risk for injury.  

The A3 Olympic Lifting Program/Barbell Club gives you a chance to focus on Snatch and Clean/Jerk technique.  Mike Gattone designs a fresh program for A3’s Barbell Club which has been proven to increase power, strength and explosiveness.  

Mike Gattone is a well-recognized leader in the Olympic Weightlifting arena as a Senior International Weightlifting Coach for USAW who has more than 30 years of experience with weightlifting and strength & conditioning.  He was an assistant strength and conditioning coach to the Chicago Bulls and the personal coach of 2000 Olympic gold-medalist, Tara Nott-Cunningham.  You would be remised to not take advantage of Mike Gattone’s programming and coaching.

TEEN CROSSFIT (Ages 12-17)
This is a special time slot for teens to not only have fun and get a great workout, but it also helps build confidence and coordination!  Bring your teen in to try out a class for FREE!

Fit Kids (Ages 5-12)
This is a FUN class for kids at a VERY competitive price.  The class is structured around getting kids active while having a good time.  Kids are supervised the entire class time.  Bring your child in to try out a class for FREE!

We offer a variety of packages. All of our pricing is month-to-month with no cancellation fees or obligations.  Discounts available for couples, active police/fire/military/ems, undergrad students.

$20 drop-in for traveling or out of town CrossFitters.

We currently do not offer open gym for non-members.  


At A3, we have a completely separate Sports Performance program for athletes.  It is not a CrossFit program for athletes; the programming for Sports Performance is uniquely developed for speed, agility, and power.  The training is focused on creating powerful athletes so they can effectively and efficiently transfer their athletic ability in their specific sport.  We offer a variety of programs throughout the year that get your athlete better, stronger and faster.  Have your athlete stop by to see the facility and get a FREE class to see if it's a good fit.  Go to or email for more info.  

See a link at the bottom of the website for online product discounts.  We also offer in-house discounts on other products, such as Reebok.  

Want to bring A3 CrossFit programming and certified coaches to your office or facility to support your employees' wellness goals and give them something new to try?  We have experience working with several of the large companies in the area including Motorola.  Just email us to find out more including pricing.  

Want to spend 1-2 hours at A3 building team cohesion and stronger individual teammates? A3 has experience working with teams and has designed a specific corporate team building program which will challenge all skill levels and build a more productive team.  Email us to find out more including pricing.  Your boss will be pleasantly surprised at how you got so much fun for such little money!
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